Vegetarian Pizza

23 May

How to make vegetarian Pizza. This entry is specially for Eed. I’ll bring back for you next Monday ha’.

This vegetarian pizza is a souvenir I always bring back from HK, as a request from Eed. Jia Go Nia made it, my sister and I watched and took photos, ii. We’ve made 3 pans and will make new ones for you na, Eed.

Start from making pizza dough which is claimed that the recipe is from someone in Pizza Hut. My dad can also make it now. I tried to ask how to mix flour and water. But he doesn’t know! He just estimated from its stickiness.

Fry chopped vegetarian porks.

Following with chopped carrot, corn and peas.

Don’t forget corriander! It makes this pizza smell nice.

Time to mix everything. Heat the pan with one full tablespoon of magarine.

Then, go to take dough and mix with flour…just mix ah.

Add grated mozarella cheese at the center. Then, wrap it.

Put and press over the heated pan. Be careful that cheese is still wrapped inside.

Paste ketchup. She used Heinz Ketchup ah. If we’re gonna make it, I prefer homemade ketchup ah.

Add topping.

Add cheese. Then bake in an oven for 150 C, 10-15 min.

Ready to eat! Very easy.

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