Chiang Rai

18 May

Here’re photos from Chiang Rai two weeks ago. I can’t type Thai! So I can’t describe each photo much.

Rong Kun Temple

Temple in the mid of deep forest. (Actually it’s on the road side in Chiang San)It’s the first temple of Lanna Kingdom.

Although it has been reconstructed, the ruined part is still left to be exposed…which I like that.

We all got the bad luck. Because our car had the problems along the way. So we wanted to know if this bad luck was from us, or from some body else. From the prophecy, all of us got very good fortune. Besides, Paworn got the stick out of the tube first, he got no. 7. Then, Tik got the stick and it was no. 14. Finally, it’s me..and no. 28! Why we are so related with ‘7‘?

“Song Kon Ha Baht” (2 people 5 baht) Then we asked them to speak in English. It’s changed to be “Group photo twenty baht, Mister and Madam….bla bla”

Then another group came and said…”don’t you take with another group?”
I like them both though, Dok Dee.

Soup Curry in Chiang Mai I mentioned before. Sapporo Spice. I finally had a chance to try it because Eve carried back for me last week. (how nice!)Well, the taste is like the worst restaurant I tried in Sapporo. I don’t recommend anyone to try it as ‘Soup Curry’. Otherwise, you’d get a bad impression.

I actually have written about this trip in Thai and very long. But I lost it somewhere or even didn’t save it T-T.

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