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30 May

As Nick requested, I then realized that I forgot to write in English for long! Today, I would like to show new feature in new Mac’s operating system that I waited for long, “Tiger”. The main reason that I would like to use it might be so different from others. It’s only because the widgets, or so called dashboard in Tiger. But I prefer calling all as ‘Widgets’. I used the software ‘Konfabulator’ before which also provides these widget things. But when it turned to be shareware (which I have to pay and I don’t have any credit cards…hey I was really considering of paying for this nice software that time!), I then had to stop using it. I was really appreciated it because it is convenient to use a small application and it’s cute! So when Apple announced to have this widget in Tiger, I really couldn’t wait to use it.screenshot12

According to a dictionary in my widget, the word “widget” is a component of a user interface that operates in a particular way. For me, it contains many small applications which don’t have full functions but enough to search/read/do something quickly. Normally, all widgets don’t appeared on the screen until you press F12 or drag the mouse to bottom left corner (depends on what you set), then all widgets instantly appear to use!

Here’re some interesting widgets (at least, for me)

A unit converter for ALL units. I normally use only for money currency because I always check which country has the cheapest price and ask someone to buy. Before having widget, I had to access to some homepage and choose the currency I wanted to convert from and to. Sometimes, it’s needed to reload the page again because the currency I wanted didn’t show on the first page. But with this widget, I can keep my desired currencies on. However, there’s no all international currencies with this widgets. Luckily, Thai baht is not too unknown.

screenshot1 screenshot8
Weather forecast which is not always reliable. Although, there’s raining outside, but the sunshine was still shown in the widget. I like it though. It’s cute! Furthermore, when it’s really really hot in Bangkok, I would feel better when seeing it’s gonna be raining in the next day. When flip this widget, I can change the city and the degree of the temperature.

A dictionary and thesaurus. I think it’s quite good because of sample sentences. I actually have a dictionary program but it takes time to open. Now I don’t need it anymore.

Just a simple calculator. But when you need it, just press F12 without opening the real application. I’ve also never used any complicated calculation.

A countdown clock. This is actually useless but it’s quite excited to countdown for some waiting events. Just put the event’s name and date, and leave it count.

screenshot5 screenshot7
Flight tracker. I don’t really use it because I don’t travel that much. Only when I want to book for the ticket. But it’s so convenient when you want to check for many airlines without entering their original homepages. However, I’m not sure if it’s accurate and updated.

This widget links to iCal, original Mac software which similar to microsoft outlook but with nicer interface. I always use it as an organizer. But it’s quite annoying to open iCal everytime when I just want to see what I have to do today. I prefer it’s shown as a list, and here it is in this widget!

screenshot10 Picture 1
Linked to the address application. When I click at the telephone number, it’s so funny that it’s shown so big in a full screen. It might be afraid that I coulnd’t read small numbers. When clickiing at email address, it then link to Mail application and ready to compose a mail.

There are some other interesting widgets, such as Stickies or Post-it, a searching tool, a news-browsing tool,… But I prefer searching or reading in a real internet browser.

The weak point of this widget is that it makes everything run very slowly especially when the computer is just activated! I was so frustrated at the begining and really wanted to go back to Panther. But I just upgraded the RAM, and everything is fine and perfect now!

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  1. equipbug May 31, 2005 at 3:58 pm #

    Cool, i’ll link this one then.

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