First time: Gay Bar (Eng)

19 Apr

Continue from last entry….Yes! I went to gay bar after that.

I heard about that before from other friends and I was really excited to see how it’s like. It’s at Silom Soi 2 which is more quiet and less people than Soi 4. It was 10 PM when I entered there. But there’s nothing! I mean just people waited outside the bar and noone in there. Around 11 pm, people gradually got in but nothing interesting much. No dancing, hugging, kissing,…Heard that it’s not time yet. I had to went back to the lab that time, so I decided to leave without seeing anything yet. Wanna go there again!

Anyway, it’s probably the Songkran day, so there’re many girls from Soi 4 came to Soi 2 as well. So there’re quite a lot of girls in the gay bar area…about 10 girls in one bar. From what I heard before, it should be 2-3 girls only. Guys here are really good looking 🙂

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