Just an update

6 Apr

Hmm…I’ve been silent for ages…

I’ve been back to Bangkok for about 3 weeks already. Don’t wanna use an excuse ‘I’m busy’. I actually have free time…quite a lot! But I have less chance to touch an internet (but comparing to others, I might be online all days all nights as usual). I also have no feeling to write anything. Most of the times, I go to lab, chat w/ people, meet old friends, go shopping (with old friends),…

After coming back from Sapporo, I was busy with IFMSA Asia-Oceania Regional Meeting which was held in Pattaya. I actually was not in charge of anything…but I tried to keep myself busy^^ It’s as a dream that finally IFMSA-Thailand hosted a meeting!!! So I just would like to help as much as I can…although some are stupid tasks which not deserve for a former regional coordinator at all! But I was happy with them though. After the meeting, I had to prepare for a discussion and presentation about my works in Sapporo. And I had got sick after the meeting, it’s always like this after every meetings. Probably because I always stayed up very late. Then, I hanged out with Bodin and Siriraj friends and went back home or dorm late at night. As for Siri friends and other Med friends, they all are graduated and will start their jobs around mid of this month. Hmm…when thinking about this, I really miss the old moments that we did something together. And also think what am I doing now??? If I didn’t turn to PhD, I’d be graduated and would earn high salary very soon. Being optimistic, studying in PhD gives me a chance to go to Japan for 3 months for free^^ and will be another 3 months, and also USA^^ Not that bad, right?

I also have started doing experiments again in Thailand…not to waste my time during waiting for visa. I’ll be back to Japan again around end of this month. Don’t know yet about how long to stay there. But this time, I’d have a high pressure that I have to get a paper published! That makes me don’t wanna go back. Anyway, if you want to meet, just call me! I’m quite free!!

ps 1…Thx Omm of reminding me to update my blog
ps 2…a warning for others, Thiti’s blog is somewhat prohibited. ^^

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