Links and Adium (En)

6 Feb

I finally found out how to add ‘links’ to the sidebar. If you notice at the side bar, below archives, you would see ‘links’ with A’s diary (Bodin) and Oom’s blog. (A: I didn’t ask for permission, if you don’t want me to add, I’ll remove it) Since my template dosen’t provide this section, I have to work on my own how to add more sidebar. I spent so long time to learn about some simple HTML command which I forgot all since M.5 (2nd high school). I had to view source from some webpage which use similar template as mine but the more sidebars are added, and copy them…but it took several tries to make it show like that! Hmm…why do I have to learn about HTML again???


For Mac’s users: today I’ve got a new program ‘Adium‘, a multiple protocol instant messaging client. In other easier words, you can be connected with MSN, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM,…. with only one program. I’m not sure about iChat, but I haven’t succeeded on logging in it yet…dunno why. But there’s an option for .Mac as well or do we need a paid .Mac? I have read about the advantages of this program from someone’s blog. It spends less RAM than using many chatting programs at the same time. I normally use only MSN and Skype, so I actually don’t need this. Anyway, we always have so poor version of MSN for Mac. Now we can see the pictures in the contact!!! When we send a picture, it shows as a picture…not just a file name! Furthermore, I actually prefer the interface of iChat coz it’s much cuter. You could get it here! I also select the sound when message is received or sent similar to iChat although I chat through my MSN contact. The message history is also displayed similar to MSN. Another funny thing is when another person we’re talking to, closes the conversation window, this program also reports us. From my desktop snapshot, pls look at the dock…that’s when the message from Pornsan arrived and I also set as away, it’s cute!

One more thing, if you chat with many people, all will be in the same window. But you can select each person via the tab bar below.

No reason why I use English today…

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